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marketing plan

Selling a home with Avenue 3 Real Estate



Intelligent Marketing

Marketing to literally millions of buyers is available through strategic use of the internet. links to sites specifically designed to engage real estate buyers.  The following list is a sampling of sites linked to Avenue 3.




Finding a property to buy with Avenue 3 Real Estate




Real Estate Search Sites

In addition to, your property will be available to millions of buyers through real estate search sites such as these:




Join us on FaceBook



Social Media

Social Media provides easy engagement of buyers in the marketplace. Avenue 3 employs:
Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Trulia, Active Rain, and other social networking sites to promote your listing.


Avenue 3 Email Marketing Campaign


Constant Contact
Avenue 3’s email marketing campaign keeps buyers informed about the market. In addition, email notifications regarding your new listing will reach our clients the very day your property comes to market through and MLS Webhunter.



Avenue 3 MLS Searches


MLS Property Information Network 
Marketing your home to real estate agents and their clients is critical to selling your home. The MLS Property Information Network is the largest Multiple Listing Service in New England and one of the top ten in the nation with service to more than 30,000 real estate professionals throughout New England. The MLS also links to other search websites.



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Request a Current Market Analysis

Proper pricing of your property is critical to a successful sale.  Values are subject to change as a result of various market forces.  Be sure that you receive up to date, knowledgeable advise when it comes to pricing your home for sale.  Let Avenue 3 help you achieve the best price possible! 

Use the form below to contact us to arrange a personal consultation. Contact your local, experienced Avenue 3 Agent for immediate assistance.  Or, call our office  at 857-209-5037 for a direct response as well.

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Proper Pricing

Understand the Market

Pricing and value are not  static.  As we have all too painfully seen, pricing can be a moving target as values of real estate rise or fall.  In order to get the pricing “right” you have to understand which direction your local market is taking and where you are on the curve.  Specific areas, towns, or even streets can maintain value while others     decline.  Publications of market trends often lag behind the real situation, and ’satellite’ appraisals can completely miss value trends .  Relying on your local  Avenue 3 Agent who is in the real estate market every day, is your optimum opportunity for  correct pricing.



Know your Comparables

The buyers who are looking at your home have most likely looked at many others.  It is critical to understand how your value stacks up to theirs. Knowing the comparable homes that have recently sold or are currently on the market is crucial to pricing.    Photos on the web give you a very good impression of the property but do not always tell the whole story.  An aging roof, a flooded basement, a ten foot  retaining wall, or the neighbor’s landscaping trucks are probably not going to make it into the photos.   Often, those ’satellite’ appraisals can report incorrect property information as well.    Reliance on an agent who has seen the comparable properties first hand is invaluable.



Consider the Market Timing

There was a time when a price would be determined and a bit of “fluff” or “negotiating room” might be added to a price .  In a market where buyers are plentiful and sellers are scarce, this may work.  In today’s market, buyers have seen  enormous declines in property pricing and are particularly attuned to property value.  The practice of adding “fluff” is not productive.  It usually  means that your property will stay on the market while the buyers await your price reduction(s). 

It is also important to consider the  amount of competition you have in the number of similar homes for sale in your area, and the absorption rate of these homes—how long is it taking for the buyers to purchase the number of homes currently available.



Factor in your Personal Situation

Are you in a hurry to sell your home because you have another property under    agreement, are you relocating, or you just can’t keep your house in showing  

condition for more than a week?  Keep all of these factors in mind when pricing , your personal situation can have an influence on price.



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Selling Process


Prepare for Market:

Select  a Realtor

Determine a List Price

Prepare the home for showing



Advertising begins

Property showings take place

Coordinate with listing Realtor for feedback and adjustments



Offer Presentation and possible negotiation

Offer Acceptance and deposit

Home Inspection and possible negotiation

Consult  an Attorney

Sign Purchase and Sale Agreement

Coordinate with listing Realtor regarding progress of buyer financing


Prepare to Close:

Consult Attorney regarding preparation of deed

Notify utilities of  cancellation of service

Notify post office of change of address

Consult with closing attorney regarding outstanding mortgage(s)

Obtain smoke detector/CO inspection

Obtain final water reading or 6D certificate for condo owners

Bring Driver’s license and checkbook to closing


Bring on the Movers!






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Avenue 3 Customized Fee Structure

Avenue 3 dispels the notion that “one size fits all". The Avenue 3 Customized Fee Structure considers the individual needs of each seller and the unique characteristics of each property.  Sellers will pay a fee commensurate with the services they require and factors such as the following:


Competitive Pricing -  If a home is realistically priced based on recently sold similar properties, it will most likely sell in less time and require less marketing expenditure than a home that is overpriced and remains on the market for a longer period of time.

Property Condition -  Experience has shown us that time strapped consumers are attracted to properties that do not need major repairs or improvements.  Consequently, a property in good condition will appeal to a greater number of buyers and will likely sell sooner than a property in poor condition.

Market Conditions -  Economic conditions influence the number of buyers in the market at any one time.  In a weakened economy there are typically fewer buyers and homes remain on the market for a longer period of time.  Conversely, an expanding economy and a healthy job market will attract more buyers and reduce marketing time.

Print Advertising - With upwards of 85% of buyers searching online for their homes, print advertising has become a  less effective and more expensive medium for reaching buyers.  Should a seller desire more print advertising than our plan provides, the marketing costs for that particular home will increase and be factored into the fee.

Ease of Access – In order to sell a home, the agent must have access to the property.  A home with severe showing restrictions will deter many buyers and require a longer marketing period.

Buyer Agency Fee - When listed in the Multiple Listing Service, a property information sheet will specify the fee that Avenue 3 is offering to any buyer agent who may sell the property.  This fee comes from the total commission agreed upon between the seller and the listing agent and should be sufficiently high enough to compete with the other properties on the market.

Specific Property Characteristics - Some homes have specific characteristics which limit the buyer pool and may cause a property to remain on the market longer than average.  Locations on busy streets, many stairs up or down, proximity to commercial or industrial site or the potential for new construction nearby are all examples of items that may impact marketing time.




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Sell your property with Avenue 3


Avenue 3 Advantage

Every Seller wants to feel that they have an advantage in the housing market. Every Seller wants their home to sell well and sell quickly. Avenue 3 guides you through the many factors that can help you accomplish these goals.

Selling a home in MA  Customized Fee Structure

One price does not fit all. Commission for the sale of a property should not be the same for all homes. You and your Avenue 3 Agent will look at a number of factors in the preparation, pricing and marketing of your home. These factors can affect the amount of time your property spends on the market and the expense and hours involved in the process of selling your home.  Please read through the list of factors in Avenue 3’s Customized Fee Structure and discuss the possibilities with your Avenue 3 Agent.

Pricing a home to Sell   Intelligent Marketing

In recent years the business of marketing and selling a home has changed dramatically. Marketing your home to literally millions of buyers is possible through the internet. The key to successful marketing is intelligent, engaging and broad range use of the internet to reach those people most interested in purchasing a home. Avenue 3’s Marketing Plan demonstrates how Avenue 3 makes use of inbound and outbound links, MLS, our website, social media and other internet tools to sell your home.  

Sell with Avenue 3   Comprehensive Transaction Support

Selling a home is a multi stage process which involves appreciating your needs as a seller, knowledge of the real estate market in your area, understanding the legal implications of a sale, negotiation capability, and client support.  Avenue 3 takes you from start to finish in this complicated transaction process.  View Avenue 3's Advantage Service for an outline of service.

Avenue 3 Real Estate Agents   Avenue 3 Agents

The most important asset for any seller is a professional, technically skilled, local agent representing you. Avenue 3’s Agents will provide you with service and expertise to make your selling process a success. Visit our Team page to meet our local agents or Contact us to get your selling process started today! And start here with our Seller Kit:



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Real Estate Developers

Boston Metro West Real Estate




Whether you are developing 2 units or 200, you need to properly price and market your property in order to make your project a success. Avenue 3’s local Agents have the knowledge, skill and marketing expertise  pertaining to communities throughout the Greater Boston Area.  Our Agents are ready to take the hassle out of multi unit selling.  They will assist you in this process to help insure timely, well priced sales.

Avenue 3  Real Estate makes intelligent and engaging use of the internet to market your project to today’s consumers.. View Avenue 3 Internet Marketing  to see an outline of our broad ranging use of the internet through our website, social media, MLS and real estate related sites.
Your Avenue 3 Agent will guide and assist you and your clients from floor plans to the closing table.

Multi Listing Discount

Avenue 3 Real Estate appreciates that a developer will bring a greater number of units to Avenue 3 than the average seller. As such, we offer a multi unit discount on commission for every project listed with Avenue 3 Real Estate. Commission rates vary from project to project depending on such factors as pricing, location, condition, number of units etc.   Contact us by email for further information on our Multi Listing Discount.  If you would like an immediate answer to any question,  speak with one of our local Avenue 3 Agents or call our office at 857-209-5037.



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Condominium Glossary


This glossary will provide you with helpful explanations of common terms and documents associated with Massachusetts Condominium transactions.


Board of Trustees: The condominium trust is run by a board of trustees elected by the owners. The board's function is to manage the condominium complex and association. Major decisions are voted on at owners' meetings. Annual general meetings must be held at least once a year to ensure that unit-owners have an opportunity to review the financial statements and discuss any issues in a timely manner.

Condominium: Ownership of a divided interest, i.e., a home ownership arrangement in which the owner has title to a housing unit within a structure, and a proportionate interest in the common grounds.

Condominium documents: The Declaration of Trust, the Master Deed, the Unit Deed, the By-Laws and the most recent Condo Budget Statement.

Condo fees: Condo fees pay for the maintenance and operating expenses of Condos amenities. Most Condo fees include the master insurance policy and exterior maintenance of the building. Some Condos include some or all utilities in the fees while other have the individual owners pay the utilities directly. It may also pay for landscaping, snow removal, cleaning of common areas, pool maintenance, etc. Each unit owner has an undivided interest in the common elements of the building. This ownership interest is often referred to as a “unit factor”. The unit factor for any particular unit will generally be calculated in proportion to the value that the unit has in relation to the total value of all of the units in the condominium corporation. The unit factor will tell you what your ownership percentage is in the common elements and will be used in calculating the monthly fees that you must pay towards their upkeep and renewal.

Condominium Owners Association: Association of the owners of all condominium units in a building that is concerned with managing day-to-day matters in the building complex, including the surrounding and enforcing condominium bylaws.

Condo Reserve Fund: Each condominium association is required to set aside a portion of the condo fees for a reserve fund to pay for major repairs and ensures that the condominium common elements will be maintained in good shape. You do not want to move in your new home only to discover that the reserve fund is under funded and major repairs are required. This could mean a significant increase in condominium fees or the levying of charges, commonly known as special assessments, to the unit owners by the condominium trust to pay for the needed repairs. Special assessment charges can be high depending on the type of work required. Ensure you obtain and review the condominium's financial statements.

Condo Styles: Condos are are found in a variety of styles including high-rise residential buildings (4+ stories), low-rise residential buildings (under four stories), garden style (usually meaning 1 story units), townhouses (individual units with 2 or more floors), row houses, converted multi-families, or even single detached houses. There are even mixed-use condominiums that are partly residential and partly commercial buildings.

6D Certificate: When purchasing a condominium unit, by law a 6D certificate must be issued before you can close. The 6D assures that all condo fees (common area fees) and outstanding special assessments have been paid by the current owner as of the date of closing.

Deeded parking space: A parking space or spaces that are deeded with the unit.

Assigned parking space: Parking spaces owned by the association and assigned to condo owners.

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Avenue 3 Smarter Seller Kit

Avenue 3 Real Estate Smarter Seller KitIt is free and it will provide you with terrific information! The Smarter Seller Kit provides you with the insight of years of real estate experience and answers many common seller questions.  Be sure to start your selling process by reading through the Smarter Seller Kit.


Increase your knowledge of the market by signing up to search through recently sold properties in your area.

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Avenue 3 Advantage Service


Avenue 3 Real Estate LLC   Avenue 3 Full Service

  • Recommended property pricing
  • Property photos
  • Suggestions on staging
  • Forms and disclosures
  • For Sale sign
  • Avenue 3 Featured listing
  • Listing in MLS
  • Craig's List
  • Linked to other sites:
    • Homescapes
    • Cyberhomes
    • Trulia
    • Real
    • MSN
    • Googlebase
    • Juno
    • AOL
    • Yahoo Real Estate
    • Wall Street Journal
    • Zillow
    • NECN
  • Beauty Sheets
  • Email marketing
  • Broker Open House
  • Public Open House
  • Boston Globe
  • Coordination of showings
  • Follow up with Agents and Buyers
  • Monitor market activity
  • Feedback to Sellers
  • Lockbox
  • Presentation of offer(s)
  • Negotiation of offer(s)
  • Negotiation of home inspection
  • Coordinate Purchase & Sale signing
  • Escrow Services
  • Preparation for closing
  • Water reading
  • Smoke/CO detector inspection
  • Title 5 certification
  • International Relocation


 Avenue 3 Real Estate Professionals

Avenue 3 puts the local agent to work for you. Avenue 3's associates are experienced agents who are looking to respond to the changing needs of the consumer in today's marketplace. Using streamlined structures and a high tech mobile office concept, the Avenue 3 agent is equipped to market, advise and assist every Seller. With knowledge of the local market, previous and current sales and an understanding of the community, Avenue 3 agents add value to every home sale.

 Marketing Plan

See the Avenue 3 Marketing Plan for more details in regard property promotion and advertising.

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