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Avenue 3 Customized Fee Structure

Avenue 3 dispels the notion that “one size fits all". The Avenue 3 Customized Fee Structure considers the individual needs of each seller and the unique characteristics of each property.  Sellers will pay a fee commensurate with the services they require and factors such as the following:


Competitive Pricing -  If a home is realistically priced based on recently sold similar properties, it will most likely sell in less time and require less marketing expenditure than a home that is overpriced and remains on the market for a longer period of time.

Property Condition -  Experience has shown us that time strapped consumers are attracted to properties that do not need major repairs or improvements.  Consequently, a property in good condition will appeal to a greater number of buyers and will likely sell sooner than a property in poor condition.

Market Conditions -  Economic conditions influence the number of buyers in the market at any one time.  In a weakened economy there are typically fewer buyers and homes remain on the market for a longer period of time.  Conversely, an expanding economy and a healthy job market will attract more buyers and reduce marketing time.

Print Advertising - With upwards of 85% of buyers searching online for their homes, print advertising has become a  less effective and more expensive medium for reaching buyers.  Should a seller desire more print advertising than our plan provides, the marketing costs for that particular home will increase and be factored into the fee.

Ease of Access – In order to sell a home, the agent must have access to the property.  A home with severe showing restrictions will deter many buyers and require a longer marketing period.

Buyer Agency Fee - When listed in the Multiple Listing Service, a property information sheet will specify the fee that Avenue 3 is offering to any buyer agent who may sell the property.  This fee comes from the total commission agreed upon between the seller and the listing agent and should be sufficiently high enough to compete with the other properties on the market.

Specific Property Characteristics - Some homes have specific characteristics which limit the buyer pool and may cause a property to remain on the market longer than average.  Locations on busy streets, many stairs up or down, proximity to commercial or industrial site or the potential for new construction nearby are all examples of items that may impact marketing time.