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Buy with Avenue 3 Real Estate

 Finding a property to buy  Find your Home

It is not just about the number of bedrooms and baths, your perfect home may need morning light, room for an herb garden, high ceilings or space for three bicycles! Choosing the community that surrounds your home is critical as well. Consider commutes, green spaces, shops and restaurants as well as community investment. Working with your Avenue 3 Agent, you will be able to garner more information about properties and communities as you refine your search.


 Working with an Avenue 3 Exclusive Buyer's Agent     Customize your Agent Relationship

Is this the first time you are purchasing? Are you buying and selling at the same time? Are you in a hurry to buy or are you just getting to know the market? Do you want help with general market updates, mortgage information or contract review? Each buyer requires a different agent relationship to best serve their needs. Avenue 3 Agents will tailor their service to your specific needs, giving you the best chance for success!


Buying a home in MA      Rely on your Buyer's Agent

There is incredible value in a buyer agent working in your best interest throughout the process of your home purchase. Local, experienced agents with Avenue 3 can keep you up to date in the market, advise you on market timing, shifting values and mortgage rates. Having seen many of the properties that have sold, they will be able to discuss comparable values with you and give you more confidence in any offer you choose to make. You can learn more about agency relationships with Buyer Agency Explained or contact your Buyer's Agent to guide you through the complicated and changing market to your new home. 

Property Ownership in MA   Prepare to Succeed

Begin the process by educating yourself to be the most informed buyer you can be.  Download our "Buyer Kit" today to learn about the process, contracts, timelines, and avoidable pitfalls of buying a new home.  If you choose to work with an Avenue 3 agent in your search for a new home, you should prepare to succeed! Have a moving company in mind and start cleaning out the closets, your new home awaits. Start with Avenue 3 today!