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buying a home

4 Reasons to Buy a Home in Winter

  While Winter may seem too cold, or too snowy to go house hunting and your warm hot chocolate, your comfy slippers and your couch may seem more appealing.  Winter may actually be a great time to get out and find the property that is right for you!

1.FEWER COMPETITORS – The bad weather, the tough parking and the time to procrastinate keep other buyers home on their couches and out of the market.  Like Spring flowers, warmer weather brings buyers out in droves.  Get out there now while less competition gives you more time to look, consider and negotiate.

2.TRUTH IN SNOW – The snow, the rain, and the cold temperatures can create havoc for properties.  If there are issues with the roof or gutters that cause ice dams, or other problems, now is a great time to see them before you own them. The recent extreme cold will help bring out issues of frozen pipes or problems with aging heating systems.

3. COMMUNITY ISSUES AND RESPONSE – In addition to a specific home surviving the ravages of winter it is important to understand how the community responds to the winter challenges as well.  During these winter months, you are able to see how well a community plows its roads, clears its snow and enacts parking bans.  You might be interested to know how many days the schools are closed during any particular storm. You can also track power outages in the area to see if they are widespread or long lasting by visiting the website of the electric company in the area.

 3. LOWER INTEREST RATES – It is often the case that interest rates will rise in the Spring when buying is expected to increase.  Often, interest rates in the winter months at the beginning of the year are lower.  Lower interest rates mean lower monthly payments or the ability to buy a bit higher priced home.

Check current homes for sale in Arlington MA, Cambridge MA , Somerville MA and all of Massachusetts on our website and a list of all the Open Houses in the area.  Slip on your boots and gloves one more time and see if your new home is out there waiting for you!


Strategies for Buying a Home in the Fall Real Estate Market

  Well the summer is over and the Greater Boston Area real estate market is officially back     from vacation. As is most often the case, the summer market is slow as everyone heads out for vacations, summer camps and general leisure concerns. It is the Labor Day weekend that snaps the housing market into gear and the many new listings available in the Greater Boston is evidence of that. So, if you are one of the many buyers who were unable to find your dream home in the Spring or are now entering the market in search of buying a home in MA, the Fall market is beginning. The question is, how to best navigate the market to find the perfect home.

  •  Widen your search as far as you are able. The Fall market is a bit more limited in numbers of homes offered for sale so it may help you to widen your search geographically in order to find what you are looking for. The Greater Boston Area is home to many wonderful communities and you may find, for instance, that combining your Arlington search with Newton works well, or your Medford search with Waltham.  
  • Be prepared to pay the price. The Fall market is brief and so it is typically all business in terms of price. A surplus of ready buyers from the Spring market, who understand that the offerings are limited, can create multiple buyer situations on homes for sale. Also, homeowners selling property know that the time frame is short – the fall market usually slows down by Thanksgiving – and they are priced to sell and ready to take offers on their homes for sale. Be prepared by researching recent sales in the communities you are searching. You can find up to date information on sold property prices at 
  • Be the best buyer you can be. You need to be prepared to put your best foot forward at a moment’s notice. So, be sure you have your pre-approval letter in hand, your credit scores checked and cleared, your community research done and a home inspector lined up and ready for your call.   You do not know when you will find the home you want to purchase, but when you do, you have to act quickly in order to put together a winning offer. Impress the home seller with your qualifications and attention to detail to give yourself the best chance of being the buyer to purchase the home.


For information on current listings, sold prices, community offerings and the purchasing process in general please visit– your way to the home of your dreams.


Cool Staging Tips for Hot Summer Selling

  With the summer heat, selling a home takes on a new twist!  Some home staging tips may help your home “feel” cooler, lighter and more comfortable all at the same time!  Without spending a fortune, you can lighten up the interiors easily.

1. Change the drapes to sheers or lighter colored curtains that block the harshest sun but give a light, airy appearance. 

2. Change throw pillows to light colored options or add a light colored throw to brighten the living spaces and give things a summery feel.

3. Small rugs in bright colors can replace those darker ones and add a light summery touch.

3. Try a new shower curtain, some lighter colored towels and a small vase of colorful flowers in the bathroom.

4. An inexpensive bright colored bedspread can go a long way toward freshening the bedroom.

5. Create a summery feel with a few indoor plants or a vase of flowers. 

6. Remember that odors can be intensified in the heat. Be careful to clean up after pets, and leave windows open or fans on for a fresh circulation of air as needed.

7. Maximize the appeal of any outdoor spaces by creating a “moment” in time.  Leave the outside umbrella up and a few chairs gathered together. Leave a book on the table beside a chair, or a fresh glass of water. A few toys in the yard or a waiting bicycle all invite the buyer to imagine themselves enjoying your/their home.

Make the most of what you have and the buyers may make it their own! 

5 Tips to Win Multiple Offer Situations

Multiple offer situation tips when buying a home. These last few weeks have been very busy ones for home buyers and sellers alike! The housing inventory in the Greater Boston Area is low and the number of buyers in the market in high.  As a result, multiple bid situations have become the norm in many communities. It is important not be intimidated by the multiple bid situation.  Each buyer has the right to put forth an offer of their choosing, and each seller is looking for different things in an offer which will appeal to them above the others.  Sellers have been known to take a lower price if the dates and terms of the offer best meet their needs. So, dive on in and you may be the lucky winner.

Here are 5 things to keep in mind when making an offer which may help strengthen your position as the buyer.

1. Always have a lender in place before making an offer. You should have a full understanding of your ability to finance the property you are looking to buy and have the pre-qualification letter in hand to prove it to the seller.

2. Don’t be afraid to offer above the asking price.  Every property is worth a different amount to each buyer – does the two car garage add value for you or does it take away yard space you would rather have?  Does the proximity to the highway mean a shorter commute or just an annoyance of traffic noise?  Make the offer that feels right for you.

3. Consider removing contingencies to make your offer more competitive.  If you are completely secure in your ability to finance the property, maybe you could remove your financing contingency. If the Seller has assigned a few days in-between the time of the initial showings or open house and the time of offers being presented, schedule a home inspection, if you feel you need one, and make an offer without inspection contingencies.

4. The details of the offer do matter.  Be sure you are meeting the date requirements that are best for the seller, consider putting down larger deposits at offer and purchase and sale to indicate your commitment, and have your pre-qualification letter or proof of funds as part of the offer.

5. Put your best offer forward. You may not have an opportunity to come back for a second round.

These suggestions can't guarantee success in getting your offer accepted but we think that they will get you on the road to a better understanding of the multiple offer process. If you would like to speak to an agent versed in multiple offer situations, please contact and Avenue 3 Agent today!

6 Keys to Better Open House Shopping

Avenue 3 Real Estate 

So you are looking at home after home. If you are like the most of us, you are captivated by the updated kitchen, the over-sized shower or the gorgeous perennial garden.  Good, you should be. But, (and you know there is a but), don't forget that there is business to attend to.Here are six things you should pay close attention to in any home that interests you:

1. Roof: Check it out!  Does it look new?  Are the shingles dried out and lifting?  If it is a flat roof, does it have proper drainage? How many layers of asphalt? Ask the age of the roof to help you determine its relative health.  Most well installed roofs with quality shingles last 25-35 years depending on the location of the home.

2. Windows:  Old or new is not the most important question.  The most important question is do they work.  Pull a couple up and down to see if they operate well. Look for storms or screens stuck midway between open and closed, a sign that they may not function.

3. Gutters and downspouts:  Be sure the house has them and take a look to see if they are snugly attached to the house - beware of hanging downspouts and "gutter gardens" - gutters clogged so long they are actually sprouting vegetation!  If the gutters are filling to excess, freezing water and snow may be making its way into the roof of the house.

4. Retaining walls:  Funny as it seems, they hide in plain site.  Pay attention to retaining walls around gardens, along driveways and on the edge of property lines.  Check for major cracking or leaning.  These walls can be very costly to replace.

5. Foundation:  Give it a close look inside and out.  Look for cracks, water marks or mold. Check the basement windows for good repair as well. 

6. Landscape: We don't mean the perennial garden here, but the general topography and the plantings.  Is the house sitting low on a hill and likely to flood?  Are there unhealthy trees on the lot that may need to come down?

Whether you are looking at buying a home in Arlington MA or buying a Cambridge MA condominium, take the time to carefully examine a home you are interested in before you make an offer to buy.  It could pay off in the long run!

To see a list of Open Houses in the Greater Boston Area Communities, go to Avenue 3 Open Houses.