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Fall Real Estate Market

Worth the Fix if You're Selling your Home this Fall!


Is your home going on the market this Fall? Here are few inexpensive tips that you should think about doing beforehand.

Selling Your Home this Fall1.  Clean and Declutter: a no brainer. Clear off kitchen countertops, bookshelves and tabletops of unnecessary items. Clean out closets.  This simple task will open up the living and storage spaces in your home and today’s buyer most definitely wants good storage spaces. Orgainize the basement and attic to enhance the possibilites of these spaces for storage or future use.

 2. Light and Bright: Have the windows cleaned, inside and out. This is also a good time to fix and repair any windows that are not functioning properly as a Home Inspector will check them during the Inspection. 

Clean or replace your curtains.

Update dated lighting fixtures and here’s an obvious one, but often not thought much about from Home Gain’s annual home improvement survey, remove anything that blocks light from the windows.

 3. Staging: There is a lot said about “staging your home’ and all of it makes sense and has proven to be successful in marketing your home. Rearrange furniture to enhance rooms, add colorful pillows and other accessories and again remove anything unnecessary and clutter.

 4. Landscaping: “Mulch is King”! Bring the curb appeal of your home up a notch in the front yard with a layer of mulch and a few colorful flowering plants. Remove dead or unsightly bushes and keep the lawn moved and looking manicured.

 5. Electrical and Plumbing: Repair electrical and plumbing as needed.  Leaks under the sinks, mildew stains and sweating pipes should all be repaired and in good working order. Updating the electrical system, fix outlets and install GFI plugs in baths will ensure a good response at home inspection time.

 6. Carpeting and floors: If you have wall-to-wall carpeting, have them professionally steamed cleaned and replace or remove old out-dated carpets. Have the hardwood floors buffed to a safe shine.

(Simple and affordable mostly do-it yourself under $1,000 projects complied by HomeGain’s annual home improvement survey.)

For any additional questions about selling your home, contact us at Avenue 3...we look forward to hearing from you.



Strategies for Buying a Home in the Fall Real Estate Market

  Well the summer is over and the Greater Boston Area real estate market is officially back     from vacation. As is most often the case, the summer market is slow as everyone heads out for vacations, summer camps and general leisure concerns. It is the Labor Day weekend that snaps the housing market into gear and the many new listings available in the Greater Boston is evidence of that. So, if you are one of the many buyers who were unable to find your dream home in the Spring or are now entering the market in search of buying a home in MA, the Fall market is beginning. The question is, how to best navigate the market to find the perfect home.

  •  Widen your search as far as you are able. The Fall market is a bit more limited in numbers of homes offered for sale so it may help you to widen your search geographically in order to find what you are looking for. The Greater Boston Area is home to many wonderful communities and you may find, for instance, that combining your Arlington search with Newton works well, or your Medford search with Waltham.  
  • Be prepared to pay the price. The Fall market is brief and so it is typically all business in terms of price. A surplus of ready buyers from the Spring market, who understand that the offerings are limited, can create multiple buyer situations on homes for sale. Also, homeowners selling property know that the time frame is short – the fall market usually slows down by Thanksgiving – and they are priced to sell and ready to take offers on their homes for sale. Be prepared by researching recent sales in the communities you are searching. You can find up to date information on sold property prices at 
  • Be the best buyer you can be. You need to be prepared to put your best foot forward at a moment’s notice. So, be sure you have your pre-approval letter in hand, your credit scores checked and cleared, your community research done and a home inspector lined up and ready for your call.   You do not know when you will find the home you want to purchase, but when you do, you have to act quickly in order to put together a winning offer. Impress the home seller with your qualifications and attention to detail to give yourself the best chance of being the buyer to purchase the home.


For information on current listings, sold prices, community offerings and the purchasing process in general please visit– your way to the home of your dreams.