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4 Reasons to Buy a Home in Winter

  While Winter may seem too cold, or too snowy to go house hunting and your warm hot chocolate, your comfy slippers and your couch may seem more appealing.  Winter may actually be a great time to get out and find the property that is right for you!

1.FEWER COMPETITORS – The bad weather, the tough parking and the time to procrastinate keep other buyers home on their couches and out of the market.  Like Spring flowers, warmer weather brings buyers out in droves.  Get out there now while less competition gives you more time to look, consider and negotiate.

2.TRUTH IN SNOW – The snow, the rain, and the cold temperatures can create havoc for properties.  If there are issues with the roof or gutters that cause ice dams, or other problems, now is a great time to see them before you own them. The recent extreme cold will help bring out issues of frozen pipes or problems with aging heating systems.

3. COMMUNITY ISSUES AND RESPONSE – In addition to a specific home surviving the ravages of winter it is important to understand how the community responds to the winter challenges as well.  During these winter months, you are able to see how well a community plows its roads, clears its snow and enacts parking bans.  You might be interested to know how many days the schools are closed during any particular storm. You can also track power outages in the area to see if they are widespread or long lasting by visiting the website of the electric company in the area.

 3. LOWER INTEREST RATES – It is often the case that interest rates will rise in the Spring when buying is expected to increase.  Often, interest rates in the winter months at the beginning of the year are lower.  Lower interest rates mean lower monthly payments or the ability to buy a bit higher priced home.

Check current homes for sale in Arlington MA, Cambridge MA , Somerville MA and all of Massachusetts on our website and a list of all the Open Houses in the area.  Slip on your boots and gloves one more time and see if your new home is out there waiting for you!