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Nervous about your property adventure?Homeownship? Don’t be. Whether you're getting ready to buy or sell, in the middle of it, or just looking for some answers, our Realtors have the top-notch skills to ensure you get the best experience possible. It’s what we love to do. 



Buying a home is a complicated process involving preqaulification, finding a home, negotiating the best price and terms, financing your purchase, closing on the new property and finally moving in.  Avenue 3 Agents will be your guide to making homeownship easy.  Start now to find your home with Avenue 3 Agent, check out our team or 

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As a seller it may be hard to now where to start. Avenue 3 Agents will help you decide what your home in worth, and how to move form your current property to whatever new situation you envision.  We will guide you from preparing your home, through your pricing, marketing and sale, to packing up and moving. Start your move today with an Avenue 3 Realtor by contacting Avenue 3.